“It’s great that my personal musical interests are encouraged and incorporated into learning. My lessons are customised and fun.” – Kelly Henderson

“Best music teacher ever!” – Jenna Vanstone

“Prairie Songstress Music is a very flexible, friendly environment. They have the courage and motivation to help new guitarist’s achieve their dream.” – Kelsie Tempel

Photo Collage from our Year End Recording Project. Each student has the opportunity to record a song in studio


Testimonials from Parents

“Our daughter looks forward to her guitar lessons every week!” – Tennille Boutilier

“We loved the lessons this year and I am putting my other daughter in lessons next year."

“It’s not just about playing guitar and learning a few tunes- it’s also about life skills, character building and expressing oneself in ways that bring joy. Very pleased with the outcome for the girls hands down.” – Jodi Kozan

“She is reliable and in tune with what type of music my daughter listens to and enjoys, she makes taking music lessons something to look forward too. Melissa has been great, my daughter really likes her and finds music she loves, believe it or not its hard to impress my daughter and she does it all the time.” – Elisa Prestley

“Jadyn loves coming for music lessons each and every time. She has opened up, lost some of that stage fright she had and is now singing in front of most people. Thank you.” – Sasha Reiber

“Very friendly, supportive, understanding and reliable!” – Rachel Jones

“Prairie Songstress Music is a great inspiration for young musicians!” – Tanya Becker

“My daughters have throughly enjoyed their first year of guitar lessons. Their instructor, Melissa, is kind, encouraging, and establishes lessons based on each of their abilities. As a parent, I am thankful to have the lessons in my home.” – Colette